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Creative director, designer, information architect, dabbling in photography, illustration, animation. Founding partner of Freshwater Creative and Good & Worthy Design inc. Loves clean, minimalist design that is warm with a human touch.

Life so far:

Play, school, work, more school, travel, more work, more travel! Life overseas, more work. Love, freelance, marriage, kids, coffee, business, Freshwater Creative.


A pretty wide selection of music although these days more into the positive. Music collection has been updated little in five years. Misses CDs, misses LPs more. Used to play trumpet, plays guitar and drums, and is enthusiastically re-learning piano. Listening to lots of Suzuki beginner piano - hours a day!

Dabbles in:

Watercolours. Printmaking. Glassblowing. Illustration. Woodworking. Baking. Cooking.

Given Up On:

Trying to do it all by myself.

Working on:

Getting the most out of life.

Unrealized Ambitions:

Roasting my own coffee, brewing my own beer. Maybe learning to ride a motorcycle. More travel.

What his Freshwater partners say:

"Is Jenn around?"

Learn More:

Visit Freshwater Creative Corp. Phone 403 205 4435. Send an email.

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